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Best way to avoid Dry Eye – Computer users


Blink. People blink at least half ( 7 to 12 blinks / min) as much as normal ( 20 to 22 / min) when staring at the computer screen, because people usually converge when looking any near objects and your eyes are not made for looking at monitors. It may be hard to remember to do this constantly, so every now and then you can close your eyes for a few seconds.



10-10-10. Every 10 minutes, look at an object 10 feet away for 10 seconds to get them adjusted to long-distance too, so you are ready when you get off the computer.



Adjust the screen settings. You will find that if you make your screen less bright/ dull, it is actually easier to read. The screen should be just as bright as your surroundings, and should not appear to be a glowing box nor pitch black object. You will find that you can actually get used to a brightness of 0. Contrast should usually be in the level of the 75-80s, but they are different for different screens. Contrast is the strength of the colors compared next to each other.



Back up the screen, but not so much that you have to strain to read the text.16-20 inches is a good distance, depending on your eyesight and the size of the screen. Consider changing the settings to show larger text on every site accessed on your browser.



Use the computer less and make your time count. Learn to type faster so that you can type up an email faster and be able to get off faster. It is also very efficient to print up long pages that you would have to read on the computer. If you are really sensitive, consider getting a job that doesn’t require computer use on a daily basis.


  • Too much time on the computer can also cause fatigue. Take breaks often.
  • Your eyes can also become red from being dry but don’t use “get the red out” drops since these can cause rebound redness and this makes the redness condition chronic. Get rid of the dryness and the red appearance goes away.
  • Consult with an Eye Consultant who understand dry eye.

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